Shelf of Shame: Warhammer Underworlds (Sept 2019)

What’d you mean I have a blog? Oh yeah, should probably get around to updating it or something…

Welcome back! As we are mere days away from the release of Beastgrave, the third and most recent season of Warhammer Underworlds – what better time to reflect and look at what I’ve managed to paint so far for (in my opinion) Games Workshop’s most innovative new property in a long time…

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Blood Bowl Star Player Breakdown – Chaos Teams (Part 2 – Nurgle)

Welcome back Blood Bowl fans to another (much delayed) Star Player Breakdown! Continuing on from last time where we looked at the Star Players bolstering Chaos Chosen teams this edition, this time we finish off with rounding things off with some of their more disturbing and/or plague-ridden ilk…

Grandfather Nurgle shall be pleased! 🤢🤮

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Blood Bowl Star Player Breakdown – Chaos Teams (Part I – Chosen & Renegades)

Welcome back to another (very delayed) instalment of Blood Bowl Star Player Breakdown, whereas an astute amateur to the game (me) breaks down the ever-growing Star Player rosters and what they each bring to the gridiron. I’ll also be discussing hobby ideas on how to represent each Star Player on the pitch, for those that have yet to be graced with an official Forge World model.

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Blood Bowl Star Player Breakdown – Dark Elves

For anyone following the current Blood Bowl releases, you’ll not have failed to notice the addition of Spike! Magazine, the debut issue coming out several months ago covering Chaos Chosen. With the release of issue 2 to go with the plastic Dark Elf team – the Naggaroth Nightmares – I figured to do a little breakdown of the Star Players now available for the Druchii. I wasn’t able to pick up the new team as intended from my FLGS and my local GW doesn’t stock the range (shame!) so luckily the epub digital version will tide me over for now!

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