New Releases: BMG July 2015

Huzzah, new Batman models! I’ve got my initial thoughts and opinions on each and so let’s get started.

Batman (Arkham Knight) 


Kicking off this month’s releases is Batman himself! First thought is its a great pose, even though the large gargoyle may not be to people’s tastes. However for those that picture the Dark Knight perched high up on a skyscraper at midnight, I think the pose works well. Aside from that and the nice balance of smooth surfaces to gadget details, a solid model overall and probably the first Batman I would buy if I ever ventured towards the good side.

Would I buy this model? If I ever started a Batman gang, very likely!

Robin (Arkham Knight)


Following up the main man is Robin, the sidekick and one of the playable characters of Batman: Arkham Knight. Out of all these months releases I feel this one is the weakest of the sculpts. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good sculpt but my perceived fragility of the Bo Staffs and the overstretched pose are aspects that turn me away from the model. On the plus side, this version of Tim Drake has his hood down and the open action is a good contrast to the Batman: Arkham City version of the character. 

Personally, before I saw this image above I conjected that this Robin release would in fact be Jason Todd in his earlier and cheerier days. Shame that it wasn’t because as of now there is just the comic version of Red Hood as a model and I much prefer the Batman: Arkham Knight DLC look.

Would I buy this model? Unlikely, I prefer the other version!

Killer Frost


Now to the Free Agent release of this month, and not a character I was expecting! I think this is a great model, and quite similar in a few aspects to the comic Poison Ivy and I love that model. Interestingly enough, Killer Frost is both a Free Agent and a Sidekick for what was up to now the Mr. Freeze gang which now officially has its first proper release. You can now take Killer Frost and a number of unaffiliated Henchmen to officially kickstart your Mr. Freeze gang until we get Victor Fries as a Leader.

One thing has does puzzle me is exactly what version of the character this model is inspired by. I was expecting something like the character in the Assault on Arkham animation. I’m pretty sure though that this model is based on the Caitlin Snow version that is upcoming in the Flash TV show. Hard to say though, as the only screenshot I can find of the character is really blurry and out-of-focus!

~EDIT~ I’ve since been informed that this version of Killer Frost is actually based off the Injustice: Gods Among Us game.

Would I buy this model? Probably! It looks like great fun to paint although I would do her in paler skin tones and darker blue clothes.

Harley Quinn & Crew (Arkham Knight)


For the big release of the month we get our third version of Harley Quinn as well as a trio of new thugs. Whilst we have had comic and Batman: Arkham City versions of the character, now we have her as in Batman: Arkham Knight as well as her newly-rebranded Joker thugs from the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC

Whilst I think these are all brilliant models (especially the thugs) there was a bit of discontent at having another Harley Quinn over a new gang starter for Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight, which was the main focus of the console / PC game. Another point of criticism was having even more unique Joker models when are several gangs which literally can’t be played as they have no official models for them yet (but luckily not Freeze gangs anymore!)

To sort of combat this problem of too many choices for some gangs and far too few for others, an idea I’ve been playing with and have briefly mentioned in the Arkham City Limits group. This idea was inspired by the Corrupt special rule which easily opens up gang model choices for particular gangs, and something that I think could work well applied to particular other villains. I’ll probably delve into this in another post to stop sidetracking but basically I would of wanted this version of Harley Quinn to be able to be selected as a Free Agent in Poison Ivy gangs. It also would of been great to be able to take the Harley Thugs in that gang as well, as long as you take her as well.

Would I buy this set? Yes, if I wanted to start a third faction. After all, I still have a Titan Henchman to paint and this would be the perfect excuse to do so!

Arkham Asylum Inmates


This last release was a complete wildcard but probably the most for me to look forward to, as I’ve long clamoured for more unaffiliated Henchmen so the more gang options for everyone the better! I really like these models, even though ironically these are actually technically Blackgate Prisoners!  The look of these models is taken from concept art for the Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate handheld game, also noticing that a lot of the prisoners early on in Batman: Arkahm Asylum have been temporarily transferred to Arkham Asylum – hence why they wear grey overalls and not the orange / red of the residentual asylum inmates.

From a marketing / retail perspective though I’d like to think that this pack is named as such to distinguish it from the 4-model Henchmen packs, even though both types of models are based off the same batches of concept art!

Will I buy this pack? Yes! I’d really like some for my slowly growing Penguin gang. In fact, as part of my research to find colour schemes for painting, I have used the same concept art these models were based off for just that!

Aside from textured bases, that concludes July’s releases for Batman Minatures Game! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I’ll see you for another look at new releases in August!


Idea Time: Great White Shark [Organised Crime]

Hello! Welcome back to another article on possible ways to make the Organised Crime list more interesting! Whilst both the Arkhamverse games and Knight Model’s own Batman Miniature Games have covered a number of the big mob bosses (Black Mask, Penguin, Two-Face etc) there are still a number of equally memorable and distinctive mob characters that could easily lead their own crime gangs on the tabletop.

One of my personal favourites and someone whom has been on the fringes of the Arkhamverse games is the Great White Shark.


To summarise, Warren White was introduced in 2003’s Arkham Asylum: Living Hell as a corrupt CEO whom has been caught and tried for his crimes of exertion, money laundering and other such big financial no-nos. He attempts to plead insanity but in Gotham that’s a big mistake as he ends up in Arkham Asylum.

This leads to a series of events where White is considered “the new fish” and subjected to a number of physical and cruel psychological assaults. He ends up locked in Mr Freeze’s cold cell and loses a number of fingers and other extremities from frostbite, completing his transforming into the albino-skinned Great White Shark. White has since kept on the outskirts of the various mob wars but still continues to run his illegimate businesses and projects, sometimes even from the confines of his Arkham cell!


In terms of the Batman Miniatures Game, White would make a fantastic and unique Leader option for Organised Crime. I imagine whilst stat-wise he wouldn’t be particularly impressive (CEOs in my mind don’t tend to be particularly strong or tough, even ones with pointy teeth!), White would certainly have access to a number of existing special traits that define him as the clever, conniving mob boss that he is.

First off and most importantly to give him some edge over the competion, I would give the Great White Shark the ever useful Lord of Business perk. Even before his villainous transformation, White White was filthy rich from all the money he swindled out of many of Gotham’s civilians. 


I would also give our shark-faced fiend the Elite Boss: Gangsters rule to represent the large number of old-timey hitmen he commands. Imagine the Boris and Dirty Tom type of mobsters, Pinstripe suits, moustaches and Tommy guns! 

Finishing off with something to represent White’s bribery and mob traits with something like Mob, Criminal and Persuasive (1SC + 1AC) would cleanly round off what could a great new character to the game!

That’s all for now, let me know what you think in the comments below!