Idea Time: Great White Shark [Organised Crime]

Hello! Welcome back to another article on possible ways to make the Organised Crime list more interesting! Whilst both the Arkhamverse games and Knight Model’s own Batman Miniature Games have covered a number of the big mob bosses (Black Mask, Penguin, Two-Face etc) there are still a number of equally memorable and distinctive mob characters that could easily lead their own crime gangs on the tabletop.

One of my personal favourites and someone whom has been on the fringes of the Arkhamverse games is the Great White Shark.


To summarise, Warren White was introduced in 2003’s Arkham Asylum: Living Hell as a corrupt CEO whom has been caught and tried for his crimes of exertion, money laundering and other such big financial no-nos. He attempts to plead insanity but in Gotham that’s a big mistake as he ends up in Arkham Asylum.

This leads to a series of events where White is considered “the new fish” and subjected to a number of physical and cruel psychological assaults. He ends up locked in Mr Freeze’s cold cell and loses a number of fingers and other extremities from frostbite, completing his transforming into the albino-skinned Great White Shark. White has since kept on the outskirts of the various mob wars but still continues to run his illegimate businesses and projects, sometimes even from the confines of his Arkham cell!


In terms of the Batman Miniatures Game, White would make a fantastic and unique Leader option for Organised Crime. I imagine whilst stat-wise he wouldn’t be particularly impressive (CEOs in my mind don’t tend to be particularly strong or tough, even ones with pointy teeth!), White would certainly have access to a number of existing special traits that define him as the clever, conniving mob boss that he is.

First off and most importantly to give him some edge over the competion, I would give the Great White Shark the ever useful Lord of Business perk. Even before his villainous transformation, White White was filthy rich from all the money he swindled out of many of Gotham’s civilians. 


I would also give our shark-faced fiend the Elite Boss: Gangsters rule to represent the large number of old-timey hitmen he commands. Imagine the Boris and Dirty Tom type of mobsters, Pinstripe suits, moustaches and Tommy guns! 

Finishing off with something to represent White’s bribery and mob traits with something like Mob, Criminal and Persuasive (1SC + 1AC) would cleanly round off what could a great new character to the game!

That’s all for now, let me know what you think in the comments below! 


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