Hobby Time: Skaven Clanrats [WIP Part 1]

Spurned on after discussing the project in my last post, I’ve made enough headway on the first batch of Clanrats to justify some snappies of them, to show off what I’ve done so far and the visual direction I’m heading in. 


EDIT ~ I went ahead and finished the first batch, so have updated the photos. 


Literally all I need to do for these are the shields, which I’ll probably do for the whole unit in one go to save time.


Lots of fun to be had with some of the Citadel Technical paints; Blood for the Blood God for those beady ratmen eyes as well as diluted Nurgle’s Rot for diseased skin discolouration and pimples. Lamenter’s Yellow glaze was also used extensively for the main green and beige clothing to excentuate that really sickly, grubby look.

 Finishing this post off with a humourous comparison between a mewling Clanrat and the main body of the Cockatrice I’m adding to the project as well. It’ll be quite the beast to paint after I get all this Skaven done!


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