Hobby Time: Skaven Basing Fun

In between bouts of painting, the rest of my time at the hobby desk is dedicated to cleaning up, assembling and making bases for models. That last one in particular is one thing of my favourite parts of the hobby ever since I started using Milliput for the majority of the work.

I actually signed up for the first Warseer Tale of Age of Sigmar. That means I’ve set myself the goal of painting at least 1 Warscroll worth of models a month for 12 months (starting next month, September).

I though I would give people a peek at what’s coming down the pipeline, although I haven’t decided what order I’ll paint these following models in. The one thing I know will be next on the painting desk is the other 10 Clanrats – following on from the same ones in this previous post.

Poisoned Wind Mortar



Skaven Warlord


Rat Ogor


See you next time with a finished Warpfire Thrower!


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