Hobby Time: Skaven Clanrats [WIP Part 4]

Whew, I managed to finish Clanrats #11 – 20 with a couple days spare for my self-imposed end of September deadline. That rounds off the completion of the first box of Clanrats I bought two months ago. Go me!


Should of got a shot of the other side of the banner, that has freehand work too…

 All 20 painted Clanrats painted so far!

Painting these little blighted has been fun but a lot of work. In the future I’ll stick to doing them in batches of 5, I don’t want them to ever feel like a painting chore!

October’s offering will be a bit easier for me; a Skaven Warlord and after that I can relax and do more prep work for the Brood Horror, Plague Monks, more Clanrats….


Hobby Time: Skaven Clanrats [WIP Part 3]

I had been quite lax on the painting front this month, I was more often than not fiddling around and fixing up things like the Brood Horror and a couple other things from storage I might work on more in the future.

I decided to have some serious painting time into getting Clanrats #11 – 20 done for the end of this month. Put it this way, I watched the entire 5th season of Walking Dead amongst other things in the time I was painting these rats over the last few days.


Not much left to do on these; rusty metals, details like the other side of the banner and basing.

Whew, I think when these are done as a break for October, I’ll concentrate on one model like the Skaven Warlord – I’ve got some ideas for him now!

Hobby Time: Skaven Brood Horror [Unboxing / WIP Part 1]

I got this bad boy in the post yesterday – my first impression when I opened the box was “holy s***!”

For £34 I think this model is certainly worth it, the body itself is quite a large chunk of resin and the details are gorgeous in their own grotesque body horror way – diseased growths, maggots and tiny rats crawling out of pick marks in the skin etc.   

Of course I had to start cleaning up and assembling the Brood Horror straight away!
As expected the limbs don’t perfectly fit flush to the (120mm oval) base! That’s fine however as I used a liberal amount of Milliput to start building up the base. Whilst it was still wet I started adding some old sculpted planks from a previous project.

Usually with my Skaven basing technique I break the planks down and remove the various barnacles and nautical bits I added previously. For such a large base however I kept a lot of the planks intact to represent a makeshift walkway in the muddy swamplands that my basing is supposed to represent!

More work has been done on the model and base since that last desktop WIP shot, which I’ll work in again after I’ve got further ahead with my Clanrat painting pledge for this month.