Hobby Time: Skaven Clanrats [WIP Part 3]

I had been quite lax on the painting front this month, I was more often than not fiddling around and fixing up things like the Brood Horror and a couple other things from storage I might work on more in the future.

I decided to have some serious painting time into getting Clanrats #11 – 20 done for the end of this month. Put it this way, I watched the entire 5th season of Walking Dead amongst other things in the time I was painting these rats over the last few days.


Not much left to do on these; rusty metals, details like the other side of the banner and basing.

Whew, I think when these are done as a break for October, I’ll concentrate on one model like the Skaven Warlord – I’ve got some ideas for him now!


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