Hobby Time: Skaven Warlord, Rat Ogor [WIP Part 2]

As a continuation of this previous post back in late August, my contribution for Warseer’s Tale of Age of Sigmar for month 2 will be the plastic Warlord hero as well as a single Rat Ogor.

Work has continued on both, first the Warlord has hit the painting phase:

The beady-eyed among you might of noticed the couple areas I’ve added a few sculpted buboes. This is a character from Clan Septik after all!

Speaking of which, I’m struggling to come up with a suitable name for him myself, suggestions anyone?

Moving onto the Rat Ogor, and as suggested on Warseer I added a Warpfire Gun grafted onto its limb for that extra firepower. 

I struggled for a while to work out how I would make such a firearm, but in the end I went for using; 

– an old paintbrush plastic protector tube

– part of some flame effect from the Burning Chariot of Tzeentch kit 

– of course more sculpting work! 

It stills needs some rivets for detailing and a couple more ragged bandages but otherwise it’s nearly done.


Naturally the model needed a whole rash of buboes and gross growths, so I’ve been adding them to its back because I thought it looked a bit bare otherwise. Aside from a few more scattered around his body for variety and some muscles getting done redefinition, this Rat Ogor is not far from the priming stage for painting later on this month!


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