Hobby Time: Malifaux (Guild) Ryle [WIP Part 1]

First Resurrectionists, now jumping into work on a Guild model? All will be explained soon…

Work has commenced on Ryle, the pseudo-lobotomised cyborg:


 The skin was painted in a similar way to the Punk Zombies in my previous post, but leaving off the final and very pale layer and also replacing the slimy green glazing with a simple grey one instead.

I may of gone a little overboard with the blood, but Ryle is a crude steampunk cyborg and as of typing, it’s Halloween after all too!


13 thoughts on “Hobby Time: Malifaux (Guild) Ryle [WIP Part 1]

  1. fredrik: jag tror jag hÃ¥ller mig undan skaci¤Ãklƒtterrtur ett tag nu, men tack för boktipset! nästa gÃ¥ng jag känner för att bli rädd ska jag leta reda pÃ¥ den! =)


  2. Mums, vad det ser gott ut! Tack för all inspiration. Min dotter är vegeteran och jag vet aldrig vad jag ska bjuda på. Detta ser fantastiskt ut! Tack PenV,!ränligetaMarianne


      1. Those the 2nd Edition cards?

        I’m really tempted to get Teddy to run in my upcoming Leveticus crew, but part of me thinks I should wait until I saved up to buy the essential Leveticus crew box set first!

        Collodi looks really nifty, I like the look of both the metal and plastic crews. If you were looking for more Marionettes, Firestorm Games have the metals for half price.


      2. Not sure 🙂 I’m not that familiar with the game and it was more a spur of the moment buy as I got it for the price I was willing to pay for it. I’m not sure if I’ll go for more Collodi yet as Teddy can be used by other neverborn crews as well right?


      3. If the card opens up then it is the outdated 1.5 edition cards, the 2nd edition cards are double-sided and normal card-sized.

        I’m due to play a demo game or two next week, so I will be able to comment on it more from a gaming perspective after that.

        To answer your question, Teddy can be taken by any Neverborn crew although I believe its effectiveness varies from crew to crew. The best place to learn about the rules (aside from the rulebook, I got the small cheaper one) is the PullMyFinger wiki. 🙂

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