Hobby Time: Red Corsairs [Part II]

Progress has been made!

Corsair no. 1 has gotten a helmet swap for a horned Chaos Space Marine one – I was worried he looked too Imperial!

I added damage to the right shoulder pauldron representing where a bullet had cracked the outmost layers of the armour. It’s meant to be more subtle than the deep gouging of plastic I’ve seen other people do to represent such firearms damage!

Starting adding some details, a holstered Bolt Pistol as well as ammunition containers somewhere from the Warhammer Empire range.

Corsair no. 3 begins to take shape – the first main conversion so far is adding a Khorne Berzerker torso front to the standard MkVII parts. I’ve also began work on the top of his left leg to create crude bionics peeking through the rends in his thigh armour.

  Finally, Corsair no. 4 has been started – an ex-Lamenter. He is partially equipped with MkVI “Corvus Armour”  as well as a Plasma Gun. An unlucky combination! As per the first model, damage has been added to the leg greave.

– – –

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, keep the comments and suggestions coming!


3 thoughts on “Hobby Time: Red Corsairs [Part II]

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      I’ve found that milliput is brilliant for smoothing out and rebuilding the edges of the Power Armour – mostly the top of the legs where I add the spacers.

      Green Stuff is mostly used for the superficial damage.

      Clayshapers and patience are your friends here!

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