Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part III)

Back with a little progress!


Corsair no.1 gets a jagged Chaos arrow and armour trim on his left greave. He has also been designated as previous a member of the Children of Purgatos renegade warband.

I thought it would be good to expand my choice of former allegiances not just from loyalist chapters but also from lesser renegade warbands. 


Part of the fun of this project is trawling through the Internet and various GW and Forge World publications for scraps of information and colour schemes of said minor renegade warbands. 

A little request, if anyone owns a copy of Imperial Armour 13 and would be gracious enough to take a few decent pictures of some of the example colour schemes – please get in touch!

Finishing off today’s post with the first picture of Corsair no.5.  

A very simple build, only conversion of note at this point is the head taken from the Dark Angel Sergeant from the Dark Vengeance box. He will likely originate from the Avenging Sons chapter, which is one of the colour schemes in IA13 I’d love to get a better look at (per my request ;)).

See you next time, comments appreciated as usual.


4 thoughts on “Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part III)

      1. I remember your initial thoughts and source of inspiration but it’s always something else seeing it on a miniature.
        I’d think the deck of a ship would be most suitable or something industrial.


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