Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part IV)

Woowee, plastic reinforcements have arrived in the shape of 10 Betrayal at Calth Space Marines as well as (thanks to some unexpected overtime pay) a multi-part box Chaos Helbrute!

The progress slowly but steadily continues (thanks broken lamp for limiting my hobby times to daytimes when I’m not at work).

The former Lamenters Renegade gets an upgrade to his Plasma Gun – the Heresy-era one from the aforementioned BaC. He also has received hastily-welded on plating to repair his damage left leg greave. The inspiration from that was taken from the Oath-Broken warband in the Black Legion supplement:


In a fit of inspired logic (why struggle to paint freehand heraldry when you can just sculpt each one individually!?), the former Lamenter got just that:

I deliberately didn’t add the little blood drop because where I added damage to the heart I will add ritualistic drips of painted blood to simulate part of this Red Corsair’s desecration of his previous loyalist ties. I’m still going to have to relate how to paint checkers though…

Finishing off today, I’ve started sculpting work on my Helbrute, known as Jhasius the Bound, have a squint at the screenshot below and try and guess why that’s his name!

(Why yes, that is the beginning of a Flawless Host symbol. *suspicious cough*)

See you next time!

Ps. If anyone has access to the Betrayal at Calth assembly instructions, give me a shout!


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