As a fan of both the original game and of Tzeentch, the Changer of Way; I just had to divulge in this;

Most GW boxed games that are released nowadays I am only really interested in particular miniatures for whatever hare-brained project I have next, however with Silver Tower I didn’t just want all the miniatures (because they are beautiful) but I really wanted to play it too!

I have a particularly nostalgic fondness for the original Warhammer Quest, as it was the first ever thing I bought from GW way back in 1998 (it was in a sale at the time and I got it for £25! Bargain!) Despite how much I poured over the Roleplay Book dreaming of what new Monsters, traps and rooms I could devise, I never really played the actual game itself that much despite several “revival projects” I’ve tried and never completed over the years.

Not for Silver Tower, no no this one WILL be complete and played lots!

I’m not going to lie, this is going to take me a while and it wouldn’t surprise me if it took the rest of 2016 to fully paint and base everything up. I’ve spent most of the week in the time I’ve not been at work, sleeping or wasting more time on Fallout 4 to clean up and assemble the models. I’m not even done on this part yet such is the number of models and the amount of hours it takes to carefully remove mould lines (as subtle as they are) from these very finely-detailed miniatures! I’ve got most of them them assembled and ready for basing as you can see here;

(There’s still more to do!)

Not being one to things simple and manageable, I just had to decide on making custom bases for each and every model (Heroes and Adversaries both) because it just wouldn’t of been right if they didn’t match the wonderful and evocative board sections that come with the game. 

Enter my test subjects, the Darkoath Chieftain and one of the Kairic Acolytes;

To be fair their bases aren’t too difficult to make, it’s a two-step process for the bulk of the work. A layer of flattened Milliput goes down, edges are smoothed and irregular paving slabs are marked out. When this is dry I add a second flattened layer and this time carve more intricate “metallic” borders, making sure I have flat areas for the feet to stand on. When this second layer is dry, I file down everything that needs to be smooth and roughen up the paving texture remaining with an old metal GW sculpting tool. This should result in something like the picture above, although more special models like the Heroes and “bosses” like the Gaunt Summoner and the Ogroid Thaumaturge I’m going to embellish with two-tiered platform bases – literally a repeat of step 1 but flush against part of the metallic bordering.

I’ve not even talked about the two games of Silver Tower I’ve managed to play yet (one a demo game at GW and the other me teaching my friend how to play earlier on today). I’m going to save that for the next Silver Tower post as I have a bit of Batman Miniatures Game progress to report as well over the next couple of days.

I will leave you with one gaming tidbit though, the Exotic Adversaries are just plain mean to come up against as I learned to my great pain – that dastardly Herald of Tzeentch will pay! 

*cue game over for the Heroes…*


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