Hobby Time: Chaos Sorceror Lord of Nurgle [complete]

I finished this one off since my friend wanted another ranged Hero for Silver Tower, and it was half painted anyway.

Remember Bubox Thistlebirch from a little while back? He got completed today;

Certainly not the best of my work, but parts like the robes I finished off a while ago turned out a lot better. It didn’t help that I forgot how I painted a lot of the model, such as the armour!

The base is a new one more recently sculpted to match up with what I showed last post. I figured even though this model is more for Age of Sigmar than it is as a Hero for Silver Tower, the basing scheme would work well in either game.


6 thoughts on “Hobby Time: Chaos Sorceror Lord of Nurgle [complete]

  1. "It is a religion and a bad one too. This is easy to see and it should give all religions cause to pause and reflect on their own beliefs and the beliefs of other restaionl.&quoi;Cgn you just leave me out of it?


    1. Well it looks frickin awesome man! Like I’ve said in the past, you’ve always had one of my favourite painting styles ^^.

      And to reply to the last post, indeed I am alive! Been painting a it more lately, haven’t been updating the blog though(kinda).

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