Hobby Time: Molly Squidpiddge [WIP Part I]

Continuing on from my last post on painting that Drowned fella, I though I’d make a head start on another model to see how the skintones would work on a skinnier model (less physical space to blend, so can be harder!)

Enter Molly;

Aside from the awkward position of the arm extending it making the face hard to acces with a paintbrush, not too difficult to pull off a similar look which I’m happy with.

The purple magic effects I’m OK with. My white is quite watery so it’s hard to get decent coverage for these reverser lighting effects. When I’ve painting the dress (in a nice dirty yellow) I can add some purple reflecting of her to further accentuate the glowing magical effects.

In gaming news, I attended part of the Southampton Sluggaz 24 hour charity event. I got a few games and demos in which was great! I tried out Deadzone and Devil’s Run: Route 666 as well as a couple of Malifaux in as well (I’m getting a little better at it as I work how what crew compositions and tactics to use).

I was even given some Devil’s Run bits as well on the day;

Perhaps yet another game to try in the future? I did love playing the Mad Max (2015) console game so this looks to be possibly a good way to recreate that.

More musings for the future I suppose!


Hobby Time: The Drowned [WIP Part I]

Since my last post I’ve been busy assembling, basing and gapfilling the Malifaux reinforcements I ordered since I discovered I rather want to get playing again.

Alas, my Green Stuff had run out (from sculpting all those cobblestones!) so I figured I better whip out the paints (it’s been a while since I’ve only recently moved into my new place).

What started as doing skin basecoated for a load of models eventually turned into “I’m just going to start painting one of the Drowned instead.”

I just adore this model (I probably wouldn’t of put as much effort into it otherwise)! 

I don’t think the snappies are bad either considering they were taken directly under the lamp at around 10pm this evening.

Let’s just hope my order of Green Stuff as well as a Through the Breach male multi-part kit decides to turn up swiftly after the Bank Holiday ends – much needed supplies for more Malifaux (conversions) goodness!

Hobby Time: Malifaux Cobblestone Basing

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, I’ve jumped ship to another previous project – Malifaux!

I’m sure I could make a joke about it currently being around 3am as I type and doing a post about undead “ladies of the night”. 🤔

In short, I picked up some reinforcements for my struggling Molly crew. In the half-dozen or so Malifaux games I’ve played since I started Circus of Paint, it turns out I’m not just very good at it! That may of come down to not picking a Master first and trying to beat match one to whatever Minions and Henchman I already had (Toshiro the Daiymo & Punk Zombies, Necropunks…).

Anyway, I wanted to get back into the game for an upcoming 24-hour charity event at my local club, so naturally had to buy more suitable Minions for best synergy with Molly. I picked up some Rotten Belles, Dead Doxies and (not pictured) The Drowned.

Bases were done with Green Stuff for a change instead of Milliput – I was inspired by some I saw on the Wyrd forums. It holds details a lot better which is always handy!

At least these models weren’t too bad to assemble – I used to own a set of Rotten Belles when the plastics first released but I wasn’t prepared for how tiny and fiddly they were! Second time around, so much easier! Dead Doxies were a little tougher (I lost an arm but found it by accident the next day) but nothing as teeth-gnashingly frustrating as the Necrotic Machine. I spent several hours badly trying to keep together that stupid spindly model before I gave up and chucked the whole model in the bin. It was only a minor Totem model anyway!

Til next time!

Hobby Time: Fun with Priming

Apologies for the long absence since my last post. I’m temporarily in-between accommodations so naturally my hobby times have suffered!

The idea for today’s post came about as I found my little book where I used to jot down paint recipes. Contained was a recipe for Nurgle skin that I forgot about, based off of a basecoat of Zandri Dust primer spray. I rather liked how garish and colourful the Putrid Blightking I practised on a while ago turned out.

So, why not try that again but this time with the Lord of Plagues I had awaiting some paint?

Since I’m not currently in a position where I’m able to paint properly, I figured I would at least try out the old Zandri Dust primer again;

I also gave it a light dusting of white primer over the top – a very quick way to get a solid warm basecoat to work off!

Naturally for my other Silver Tower models I wanted a cold, blue hue so off I went and bought a can of Macragge Blue spray. Following the same priming technique as above, a couple of examples;

Interesting note; if I got another (pair of) Skaven Deathrunners but for my AoS Skaven, I would of used Zandri Dust instead. They are painted in warm tones, see?

Speaking of Age of Sigmar, sometimes you can’t resist a good new release…


Spite-Revenants in particular, as I’m especially fond of the Outcasts sub-faction. I’m slowly aiming to work up to an Outcasts formation, then maybe onto the larger and more flexible Dreadwood Wargrove.

I have 5 assembled and primed as shown and another 5 still on their sprues. I’m going to need another 5 for the smaller formation and at least another 5 on top of that for the Wargrove.

– – –

That’s all for now, probably won’t post until I’m settled into my new place and I can start painting again!