Hobby Time: Fun with Priming

Apologies for the long absence since my last post. I’m temporarily in-between accommodations so naturally my hobby times have suffered!

The idea for today’s post came about as I found my little book where I used to jot down paint recipes. Contained was a recipe for Nurgle skin that I forgot about, based off of a basecoat of Zandri Dust primer spray. I rather liked how garish and colourful the Putrid Blightking I practised on a while ago turned out.

So, why not try that again but this time with the Lord of Plagues I had awaiting some paint?

Since I’m not currently in a position where I’m able to paint properly, I figured I would at least try out the old Zandri Dust primer again;

I also gave it a light dusting of white primer over the top – a very quick way to get a solid warm basecoat to work off!

Naturally for my other Silver Tower models I wanted a cold, blue hue so off I went and bought a can of Macragge Blue spray. Following the same priming technique as above, a couple of examples;

Interesting note; if I got another (pair of) Skaven Deathrunners but for my AoS Skaven, I would of used Zandri Dust instead. They are painted in warm tones, see?

Speaking of Age of Sigmar, sometimes you can’t resist a good new release…


Spite-Revenants in particular, as I’m especially fond of the Outcasts sub-faction. I’m slowly aiming to work up to an Outcasts formation, then maybe onto the larger and more flexible Dreadwood Wargrove.

I have 5 assembled and primed as shown and another 5 still on their sprues. I’m going to need another 5 for the smaller formation and at least another 5 on top of that for the Wargrove.

– – –

That’s all for now, probably won’t post until I’m settled into my new place and I can start painting again!


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