Hobby Time: Malifaux Cobblestone Basing

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, I’ve jumped ship to another previous project – Malifaux!

I’m sure I could make a joke about it currently being around 3am as I type and doing a post about undead “ladies of the night”. 🤔

In short, I picked up some reinforcements for my struggling Molly crew. In the half-dozen or so Malifaux games I’ve played since I started Circus of Paint, it turns out I’m not just very good at it! That may of come down to not picking a Master first and trying to beat match one to whatever Minions and Henchman I already had (Toshiro the Daiymo & Punk Zombies, Necropunks…).

Anyway, I wanted to get back into the game for an upcoming 24-hour charity event at my local club, so naturally had to buy more suitable Minions for best synergy with Molly. I picked up some Rotten Belles, Dead Doxies and (not pictured) The Drowned.

Bases were done with Green Stuff for a change instead of Milliput – I was inspired by some I saw on the Wyrd forums. It holds details a lot better which is always handy!

At least these models weren’t too bad to assemble – I used to own a set of Rotten Belles when the plastics first released but I wasn’t prepared for how tiny and fiddly they were! Second time around, so much easier! Dead Doxies were a little tougher (I lost an arm but found it by accident the next day) but nothing as teeth-gnashingly frustrating as the Necrotic Machine. I spent several hours badly trying to keep together that stupid spindly model before I gave up and chucked the whole model in the bin. It was only a minor Totem model anyway!

Til next time!


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