Hobby Time: The Drowned [WIP Part I]

Since my last post I’ve been busy assembling, basing and gapfilling the Malifaux reinforcements I ordered since I discovered I rather want to get playing again.

Alas, my Green Stuff had run out (from sculpting all those cobblestones!) so I figured I better whip out the paints (it’s been a while since I’ve only recently moved into my new place).

What started as doing skin basecoated for a load of models eventually turned into “I’m just going to start painting one of the Drowned instead.”

I just adore this model (I probably wouldn’t of put as much effort into it otherwise)! 

I don’t think the snappies are bad either considering they were taken directly under the lamp at around 10pm this evening.

Let’s just hope my order of Green Stuff as well as a Through the Breach male multi-part kit decides to turn up swiftly after the Bank Holiday ends – much needed supplies for more Malifaux (conversions) goodness!


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