Continuing on from my last post on painting that Drowned fella, I though I’d make a head start on another model to see how the skintones would work on a skinnier model (less physical space to blend, so can be harder!)

Enter Molly;

Aside from the awkward position of the arm extending it making the face hard to acces with a paintbrush, not too difficult to pull off a similar look which I’m happy with.

The purple magic effects I’m OK with. My white is quite watery so it’s hard to get decent coverage for these reverser lighting effects. When I’ve painting the dress (in a nice dirty yellow) I can add some purple reflecting of her to further accentuate the glowing magical effects.

In gaming news, I attended part of the Southampton Sluggaz 24 hour charity event. I got a few games and demos in which was great! I tried out Deadzone and Devil’s Run: Route 666 as well as a couple of Malifaux in as well (I’m getting a little better at it as I work how what crew compositions and tactics to use).

I was even given some Devil’s Run bits as well on the day;

Perhaps yet another game to try in the future? I did love playing the Mad Max (2015) console game so this looks to be possibly a good way to recreate that.

More musings for the future I suppose!


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