Hobby Time: Sue (Malifaux Outcast Enforcer / Mercenary) [complete]

I wasn’t going to post this yet because I wanted to get a few more models done. However, Sue is the odd one out in my current Malifaux collection due to being an Outcast Mercenary, rather than one of the legion of Ressurectionists I have on the painting table!

More the man in grey-green and grey-blue than the “man in black” moniker he is inspired by – but I like him as he is now. Painting lots of black is pretty boring anyway!

I’m planning for my next post whenever is to have a handful of Ressurectionists minions done to go with Molly (as she is practically finished!)

I am also due for another game tomorrow, as well as me (foolishly) signing up for a Malifaux tournament next month.


Hobby Time: Sue, the Man in Black (WIP Part 1)

Back on the painting front, started putting the brush to some models featured in recent posts.

Sue, who you saw converted two posts ago with some Through the Breach plastics, got some attention;

His cloak will be black, to live up to his moniker!

The green-grey was fun to do, I will make sure to write the recipe down!

Also, the other two Drowned have been started on as well;

I’m looking forward to doing the rusty anchors and chains soon!

I’m trying to keep these little updates frequent, even though I got my hands on the much anticipated Bioshock Collection. I’m playing it for inspiration, yes that sounds like a good enough excuse….. 👍🏻

(It’s also Batman Day too!)

Hobby Time: Playing with Through the Breach plastics (again) [Malifaux]

I put down the paintbrushes to do some sculpting and base-making again;

The left one is me adding new a bit more to Raethford from my last post (mostly bulking out the face and adding back the goggle strap – fiddly!)

The right one is my start on a Maniacal Necromancer, an NPC from the Resser-heavy Under Quarantine supplement for Through the Breach. This guy;

There’s a story in the bestiary that links all the sample monsters and NPCs, this guys is quite amusing as he is an obnoxious Swedish Necromancer who wears eyeliner…

I’ve also got my hands on the University of Transmortis set and that’s all been assembled and based up;

See you next time!

Hobby Time: Playing with Through the Breach plastics [Malifaux]

Just a quick post tonight about a simple conversion I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve had the Sue model on my desk for a little bit now, but it had some weird out-of-proportion scale issues. I might of just renamed him Pinhead!

Luckily some fresh Green Stuff and a male Through the Breach multi-part kit came through the post for me, so I got to work;

Simply replaced the head and pistol hand with ones from the aforementioned kit, add a smudge of Green Stuff to clean up and all good!

To give some context, this is the original;

I’ve also started another (more involved) conversion to represent another Malifaux character, a rogue Arcanist fella called Raethford. He is featured in one of the story encounters ian asymmetrical three-player scenario. I love the idea of this rough-and-ready I’ve summoner / brawler leading his own crew of ice constructs and mercenaries. 

Way cooler (pun intended ❄️) than the standard Arcanist masters in my mind! 

Super early days yet but hopefully it’ll eventually look something like this;