Just a quick post tonight about a simple conversion I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve had the Sue model on my desk for a little bit now, but it had some weird out-of-proportion scale issues. I might of just renamed him Pinhead!

Luckily some fresh Green Stuff and a male Through the Breach multi-part kit came through the post for me, so I got to work;

Simply replaced the head and pistol hand with ones from the aforementioned kit, add a smudge of Green Stuff to clean up and all good!

To give some context, this is the original;

I’ve also started another (more involved) conversion to represent another Malifaux character, a rogue Arcanist fella called Raethford. He is featured in one of the story encounters ian asymmetrical three-player scenario. I love the idea of this rough-and-ready I’ve summoner / brawler leading his own crew of ice constructs and mercenaries. 

Way cooler (pun intended ❄️) than the standard Arcanist masters in my mind! 

Super early days yet but hopefully it’ll eventually look something like this;


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