Hobby Time: Skaven Brood Horror [Unboxing / WIP Part 1]

I got this bad boy in the post yesterday – my first impression when I opened the box was “holy s***!”

For £34 I think this model is certainly worth it, the body itself is quite a large chunk of resin and the details are gorgeous in their own grotesque body horror way – diseased growths, maggots and tiny rats crawling out of pick marks in the skin etc.   

Of course I had to start cleaning up and assembling the Brood Horror straight away!
As expected the limbs don’t perfectly fit flush to the (120mm oval) base! That’s fine however as I used a liberal amount of Milliput to start building up the base. Whilst it was still wet I started adding some old sculpted planks from a previous project.

Usually with my Skaven basing technique I break the planks down and remove the various barnacles and nautical bits I added previously. For such a large base however I kept a lot of the planks intact to represent a makeshift walkway in the muddy swamplands that my basing is supposed to represent!

More work has been done on the model and base since that last desktop WIP shot, which I’ll work in again after I’ve got further ahead with my Clanrat painting pledge for this month.