Hobby Time: Rikkit Hooktail, Skaven Warlord

I chose to paint this model up – a metal version of the classic Tretch Craventail – as a quick way to fulfil my monthly pledge for Warseer’s Tale of AoS. Those pesky Rat Ogors took too long to do!


I painted this sneaky guy as a test piece for Clan Skurvy – hence the saturated yellow loincloth and copper \ bronze armour. In the latter case though I experimented with verdigris effects to exaggerate the weathered metals (not the easiest thing to do with just brown paints and a few glazes!).

I was quite pleased with this model until I gingerly went to varnish it outside in spite of the usually awful British weather – and the top-heavy nature of this piece made it fall onto some brick steps and break into several pieces…

Ah well, model and paint job have been fixed although a hairline crack is still visible in the pictures.

– – –

On other progress, I have assembled a core of 15 Stormvermin and also have a handful of Clanrats ready for paint – those Clanrats and a few of their armoured brethren will make up my painting load for February.

To conclude, both metal models and the British weather suck, but another model is complete and now I have a new colour scheme to use on Clanrats to add variety to the usual sickly greens of Clan Septik.