Idea Time: Enigma [Law / Organised Crime / Riddler]

Let’s face it, the Gotham City Police Department is fairly corrupt to the bone, which forms a pretty vital part of the Arkham Origins story. I found it fascinating to experience and discover the shady side of the law – through Commissioner Loeb and his SWAT lackey Branden.

Fortunately for us, we’ve got an entirely new gang to represent such individuals – the Organised Crime list. Therefore I’ve thrown together a few suggestions of some pre-existing characters from the games to expand the faction list(s).

Due to my nature to waffle one, I’ll divide this post up into a couple of parts to keep my thumbs from not getting sore from typing on my phone for too long!



Before his transformation into the Riddler, the man known as Edward “Enigma” Nashton, was part of the GCPD Cybercrime Division, but spent a large proportion of his time extorting and blackmailing people with their sensitive information.

Whilst Enigma would technically work for the Law (faction), he would also slot in well in both Organised Crime and Riddler gangs (no surprises for that last one!)

From a design perspective, Enigma would work best as either a Free Agent or a Sidekick in both Law and Organised Crime. At present I don’t have the firmest grasp of the rules but a budget version of the Riddler to a less extent would be great.

In a Riddler gang however I’d actually want him as an alternative Leader option. Whilst he may be cheaper and less efficient than his more famous identity – the addition of the Corrupt rule would add a new theme and options to the gang – a couple of otherwise-inaccessible Law henchmen, which in this case would perfectly represent officials and lawmen being blackmailed by Enigma!

Having said that, the way he would work within Riddler gangs is still open to change, because at current the faction is technically unplayable (no Leader or Sidekick options!). After the eventual release of something for that faction, it might change how I’d like Enigma to stand as an option. My current guess is that we’ll get an Arkham Knight era Riddler with accompanied robots as a starter set.

That’s all for now, see you soon for Part 2!