Project Time: Red Corsairs (Warhammer 40,000)


That wonderful blood red-orange, those monochrome chevrons and the chunky, bulky power cabling…

It began when I decided to start re-reading some of my Black Library books at the start of this year, which had been sat collecting dust for a long time.

I started with Treacheries of the Space Marines, figuring as a shorter anthology collection it would be easier to get back into the swing of reading. Gildar Rift came next, now I’m currently powering through the excellent Night Lords trilogy.


What do all three of those books have in common? 

Renegade Space Marines, in some cases more particularly – Red Corsairs.

Fun fact, I made some around about 2008 / 2009, inspired by the archaic simplicity of Wayne England‘s portrayal of Huron Blackheart, as well as from the renegades colour section of the 3.5th Codex: Chaos Space Marines.


Alas, in the last ten years or so, the Red Corsairs have evolved in both the main GW publications, miniatures and numerous Black Library books. Gone are the simple red saltine-covered ragtag piratical renegades of old, now more a traditional and contemporary Chaos Marine faction. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of facets of this newer continuity I love (the Corpsemaster, the treachery and capture of the Wolf of Fenris, the entire Badab war in detail, etc.)
At the end of the day though, I’m still always drawn back to that Wayne England painting and classic look of the Red Corsairs….

In the years since I last dabbled with Huron’s finest, both the quality of the Space Marine plastics and (I’d like to think) my abilities as a hobbyist have vastly improved. Let’s give it another go shall we?

We take a look at my opening modelling efforts in a moment in the next post!


Project Time: Clan Septik Skaven [Age of Sigmar]

I’m taking a short break from Batman Miniatures Game to concentrate on doing some Skaven so I can get into the fray with Age of Sigmar. Yes I know the games radical departure from it’s rank-and-file origins with the previous 8 editions of Warhammer, but at the end of the day I’m a painter and getting free rules and the chance to be able to play simple skirmish games without points or army restrictions is fantastic in my book!

I wanted to have another crack at Skaven since my first attempt a number of years back. initially I was wanting to do some of the yellow-clad Clan Skurvy pirates but in the end I changed my mind to Clan Septik

Whom are Clan Septik? Let the sadly-OOP Heraldry and Uniforms of the Skaven book answer that for us:


To clarify, a Warlord Clan in the thrills of the disease-ridden Clan Pestillens, lots of dirty off-white and green robes and lots of rust. Whilst this is looking good in itself, the illustrated example regiment on the next page is what really hooked me in: 

 I adore this grimy beige and green colour scheme, much better and it suits my painting style down to the ground! It is also beetle than “purist” Clan Pestillens as I can use the lovely Clanrats and Stormvermin models to bulk out numbers rather than the outdated Plague Monk kit, and still have access to all the fun auxiliary models from Pestillens as well as the other major clans!

I’ve already being collecting, assembling and even painting models and so far in progress I have the following:

20 Skaven Clanrats (all cleaned up and assembled, 5 painting in progress)

Skaven Warlord (plastic clampack version, cleaned up and assembled)

Warpfire Thrower (Island of Blood version, ordered and awaiting delivery)

Poisoned Wind Mortar (Island of Blood version, being donated by a friend!)

I’ve even got a resin Cockatrice because I’ve always wanted one and thought it would be a great reward to getting through all those rats! Luckily all of the above are part of the overall Chaos faction so I can justify mixing all these different models together (I’ve also got some Nurgle models from what used to be Warriors of Chaos and the End Times: Glottkin books to chuck into the mix down the line).

Right, now to finish off that first handful of Skaven so I have something new to post next time!