Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part VII)

Painting has begun!

Reds are the only thing that have been completed so far.

The recipe for that is as follows;

  1. Basecoat Mephiston Red
  2. Highlight by adding increasing amounts of Troll Slayer Orange to the basecoat colour (up til pure orange for final highlights)
  3. Tidy up highlights with glaze of Mephiston Red.
  4. Shade by adding increasing amounts of Rhinox Hide to the basecoat colour (up til nearly pure brown for deepest shades).
  5. Edge highlights with pure Troll Slayer Orange.
  6. Sponge on Rhinox Hide (particularly on hard edges and damaged parts of armour).
  7. Glaze all red sections with an even mix of Lamenters Yellow (GW Technical) and Tamiya Clear Orange).

Fairly simple in my books. Putting on the final glaze is incredibly satisfying to me, shame it doesn’t dry with the same glossiness it starts off with.


I received some MkIII “Iron” Armour in the post today, and swiftly added a few components from the kit to a model I build one night;

Built an Aspiring Champion for the beginnings of a second squad of Chaos Marines. I was heavily inspired by an illustration in Black Crusade;

For this second squad, I’m thinking Iron Warrior outcasts with a dirty iron and red colour scheme, with red and black chevrons. I have some background inklings in my head which I need to write up first. Does the Shattered sound like a good minor warband name?

Now to start building the rest of these gorgeous MkIII plastics!


Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part VI)

Painting has commenced!

The only parts that have been done are the red and the desecrated shoulder pad. The rest has only been blocked in to get an overall idea of the finished project.

*shudders thinking about painting checkers on a rounded surface…*

By coincidence, the Black Library have also announced a new novel called Tyrant of the Hollow Worlds;

*drops to knees and thanks whoever made this happen*

The cover artwork has given me some ideas for both painting and sculpting for future models in this project. 

Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part V)

Back to working on the Red Corsairs!

I’ve commenced working on these again due to reasons such as the re-released Kill Team rules, the rumours of “upcoming Thousands Sons” as well as those lovely newly-released MkIII Iron Armour models in Burning of Prospero.

Anyway, the first five have finally had all their sculpting, kit bashing and cleaning up done and have been primed;

+++pict of Traitor Astartes (warband designation: “Red Corsairs”) incoming+++






Guns and backpacks are being primed and painted seperataly, hence not in the photos.

Now onto the basecoats!

Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part IV)

Woowee, plastic reinforcements have arrived in the shape of 10 Betrayal at Calth Space Marines as well as (thanks to some unexpected overtime pay) a multi-part box Chaos Helbrute!

The progress slowly but steadily continues (thanks broken lamp for limiting my hobby times to daytimes when I’m not at work).

The former Lamenters Renegade gets an upgrade to his Plasma Gun – the Heresy-era one from the aforementioned BaC. He also has received hastily-welded on plating to repair his damage left leg greave. The inspiration from that was taken from the Oath-Broken warband in the Black Legion supplement:


In a fit of inspired logic (why struggle to paint freehand heraldry when you can just sculpt each one individually!?), the former Lamenter got just that:

I deliberately didn’t add the little blood drop because where I added damage to the heart I will add ritualistic drips of painted blood to simulate part of this Red Corsair’s desecration of his previous loyalist ties. I’m still going to have to relate how to paint checkers though…

Finishing off today, I’ve started sculpting work on my Helbrute, known as Jhasius the Bound, have a squint at the screenshot below and try and guess why that’s his name!

(Why yes, that is the beginning of a Flawless Host symbol. *suspicious cough*)

See you next time!

Ps. If anyone has access to the Betrayal at Calth assembly instructions, give me a shout!

Hobby Time: Red Corsairs (Part III)

Back with a little progress!


Corsair no.1 gets a jagged Chaos arrow and armour trim on his left greave. He has also been designated as previous a member of the Children of Purgatos renegade warband.

I thought it would be good to expand my choice of former allegiances not just from loyalist chapters but also from lesser renegade warbands. 


Part of the fun of this project is trawling through the Internet and various GW and Forge World publications for scraps of information and colour schemes of said minor renegade warbands. 

A little request, if anyone owns a copy of Imperial Armour 13 and would be gracious enough to take a few decent pictures of some of the example colour schemes – please get in touch!

Finishing off today’s post with the first picture of Corsair no.5.  

A very simple build, only conversion of note at this point is the head taken from the Dark Angel Sergeant from the Dark Vengeance box. He will likely originate from the Avenging Sons chapter, which is one of the colour schemes in IA13 I’d love to get a better look at (per my request ;)).

See you next time, comments appreciated as usual.

Hobby Time: Red Corsairs [Part II]

Progress has been made!

Corsair no. 1 has gotten a helmet swap for a horned Chaos Space Marine one – I was worried he looked too Imperial!

I added damage to the right shoulder pauldron representing where a bullet had cracked the outmost layers of the armour. It’s meant to be more subtle than the deep gouging of plastic I’ve seen other people do to represent such firearms damage!

Starting adding some details, a holstered Bolt Pistol as well as ammunition containers somewhere from the Warhammer Empire range.

Corsair no. 3 begins to take shape – the first main conversion so far is adding a Khorne Berzerker torso front to the standard MkVII parts. I’ve also began work on the top of his left leg to create crude bionics peeking through the rends in his thigh armour.

  Finally, Corsair no. 4 has been started – an ex-Lamenter. He is partially equipped with MkVI “Corvus Armour”  as well as a Plasma Gun. An unlucky combination! As per the first model, damage has been added to the leg greave.

– – –

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, keep the comments and suggestions coming!

Hobby Time: Red Corsairs [Part I]

You did read my last post right, the one with all the rambling? If not, go do it first!

Assuming you did, allow me to present my humble opening work on my Red Corsairs.

I purchased a box of the most recent iteration of the Space Marine Tactical Marines, breathed in deeply and got to experimenting…

First thing to say, I love how clean and sharp the details are on this kit, a good mix of standardised Imperial-issue MkVI and MkVII pieces. There are a couple neat alternatives too like the pair of MkIV legs as well as a prestigious MkVIII chest piece for the sergeant.

Second thing, the Bolters now have the trigger hand attached to the gun – very handy (excuse the pun) for the assembling, converting and painting stages.

Last point, the legs and arms have differing poses! The former aren’t as crouched and squat as they used to be, whereas the latter offer a more interesting variety of firearm poses (relaxed, across chest, aiming down barrel etc.)

With any first model built using an unfamiliar or new kit, I keep it simple! The basic build itself is straight up classic Space Marine.

The first changes to note are to the Bolter, replacing the standard clip with a more archaic belt-feed and a tassel for the butt of the trigger – both from the (sadly-dated looking) Chaos Space Marines kit.

The second as you can see from the top of the legs are some simple plasticard spacers. I ummed and ahhed for a long time deciding whether to “truescale” or not – in the end the aforementioned spacers in the legs as well as the torsos which will be stuck on higher up than normal is my compromise – taller for the effort but not a massive amount of work needed.

The third and most interesting change is thus – one of the main aspects of the official Huron Blackheart model I love is the armour. Not the profusion of baroque trim, but just how cracked and ill-repaired it is. This is a design aspect I wanted to appropriate for my Red Corsairs

As for this model, there was originally a purity seal on the leg, which was swiftly yet carefully removed with the knife. After that, I shaved off a little more plastic so that the cracked armour I would be sculpting back in would be flush with the rest of the leg. For a first attempt, I’m pleased with it.

Next up in the pipeline for Corsair no. 1 will be some more cracked armour and perhaps a subtle bit of baroque trim to help emphasise his allegiances.

Last thing to say about him before I move on, as part of the background I’m slowly developing in my head – each Red Corsair will of originated from a Space Marine chapter – so any suggestions for which chapter and most importantly why he he turned renegade would be much appreciated! Way in the future when these guys will get some paint, the left shoulder pad will retain the insignia of their former chapter (plus a big red saltine through it!).

Now I’ve explained some of the design concepts I was trying to show in Corsair number 1, let’s move on to Corsair no. 2!


In my search for useful bitz for the project, I found a handful of leftover MkIII parts from a previous project (I believe I bought them for Plague Marine conversions originally) – I found some unused torsos, helmets and the odd salvageable shoulder pad or arm. Red Corsairs are nothing if not notorious for their close-range boarding actions, so these MkIII bitz will be very useful!


In my mind, Corsair no.2 is likely to previously been an Imperial Fist – although if anyone has a suggestion for another chapter likely to still use and maintain MkIII armour, please let me know in the comments!


Finishing off this post with a close-up of the broken armour. In my next pass with putty, I’ll likely try to add some exposed power cables underneath through the cracks and tears.

I’m going to leave it here for today, I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for chapters.