Hobby Time: Playing with Through the Breach plastics (again) [Malifaux]

I put down the paintbrushes to do some sculpting and base-making again;

The left one is me adding new a bit more to Raethford from my last post (mostly bulking out the face and adding back the goggle strap – fiddly!)

The right one is my start on a Maniacal Necromancer, an NPC from the Resser-heavy Under Quarantine supplement for Through the Breach. This guy;

There’s a story in the bestiary that links all the sample monsters and NPCs, this guys is quite amusing as he is an obnoxious Swedish Necromancer who wears eyeliner…

I’ve also got my hands on the University of Transmortis set and that’s all been assembled and based up;

See you next time!


Hobby Time: The Drowned [WIP Part I]

Since my last post I’ve been busy assembling, basing and gapfilling the Malifaux reinforcements I ordered since I discovered I rather want to get playing again.

Alas, my Green Stuff had run out (from sculpting all those cobblestones!) so I figured I better whip out the paints (it’s been a while since I’ve only recently moved into my new place).

What started as doing skin basecoated for a load of models eventually turned into “I’m just going to start painting one of the Drowned instead.”

I just adore this model (I probably wouldn’t of put as much effort into it otherwise)! 

I don’t think the snappies are bad either considering they were taken directly under the lamp at around 10pm this evening.

Let’s just hope my order of Green Stuff as well as a Through the Breach male multi-part kit decides to turn up swiftly after the Bank Holiday ends – much needed supplies for more Malifaux (conversions) goodness!

Hobby Time: Malifaux (Resurrectionists) Punk Zombies [WIP Part 2]

Just another update on the Punk Zombies – flesh tones are done on all three:

It only took two hours a piece to get the flesh done from basecoat to finishing gore splatterings. I did however think something was missing so I did what I’ve been doing on my Skaven – added some subtle patches of yellow-green glazes to really make them look undead.

I’m still pondering what colour(s) to do the hair and clothing though!

Hobby Time: Malifaux (Resurrectionists) Punk Zombies [WIP Part 1]

Malifaux is one of those systems I’ve dabbled with over the last five years, first in 2010 having painted up a handful of the 1st edition. More recently I tried again in 2014 only to basically rage-quit because I wasn’t prepared for how fragile and fiddly the 2nd edition plastics can be (evil glances at the Rotten Belles.) 😦

Anyway I wanted something simple I could work on inbetween Skaven so I don’t burn out on the little rats.

Punk Zombies are one of those sets I was waiting for, but weren’t available seperately tip after I gave up on Malifaux last year. A year and a half later, being a bit less impulsive with miniatures and having thought the assembly through properly – I thought I’d try again.


I did the skin in one session using the box art as colour reference – although mine is browner and less saturated. Aside from a few touchups I’m ready to get the rest of the model done so I can bash my way through the other two. Suggestions for trouser and mohawk colours are appreciated, I’m thinking black leather and crimson red respectively at the moment.


As a side note, the Skaven Warlord is still being worked on and the plan to finish it by end of October.