Circus of Paint – 2015 in Review

As seems customary for miniature painting and gaming blogs at the moment, I’d thought I would do a quick and simple look back at what I’ve managed to complete this year. When I say this year, what I actually mean is since I started Circus of Paint back in June this year – more a 6 month review than anything!

On the gaming side of things, I started playing Malifaux this winter. I’ve only played four games thus far – two demo games and next thing you know I’m in the local Shifting Loyalties campaign with another two games under my metaphorical belt.

Miniatures-wise, I’ve completed a total of 24 various Skaven models as shown below. You may notice there are only 19 Clanrats, one of them has escaped my clutches much to my dismay! 😦


Ah well, I’ve got another 15 – 20 left to do to bolster their ratty ranks. Once the second Rat Ogor is finished, there’s lots of fun monsters to paint like the Brood Horror and Cockatrice, as characters like Tretch Craventail and the plastic Plague Priest.

As if all that plus my Malifaux Ressurectionists weren’t enough to work on well into 2016, clearly a third project just had to be started. Unsurprisingly enough, it’s another attempt at Batman Miniatures Game – this time a Two-Face gang but with newer models. As disclosure, I do own the Two-Face starter set but the big guy himself has been through the paint stripper too much and the casts of his unique Arkham City thugs were both rough and difficult to assemble.


The lumps of metal on the left is Clayface and the primed model on the right is Copperhead. I’d also be interested in a gang for the newly-released Spider-man Miniatures Game if Knight Models gets their act together and distributes it properly instead of being exclusive to their webstore. I’ll be keeping a close eye on how the Hydra and Goblin Cult factions will grow for sure! I like to think between the myriad of comic book source material for both games, they’ll be more BMG and maybe even SMG Idea Time posts in the future. 🙂

Anyway this was supposed to a short look back, so I’ll finish up.

Many thanks to all those who followed, commentated and supported Circus of Paint in its infancy. I think 2016 is going to be great for this blog!

Feral / Daniel