Hobby Time: Nurgle enters Age of Sigmar!

Hi all, although I’ve been quiet on here for a bit I’ve instead been posting WIPs on the Age of Sigmar Facebook fan-page to gauge interest and thoughts on some early-stage Nurgle stuff.

I’ve had some converted Marauders of Chaos sat around for a while now, I did consider making them Tzeentchii but Nurgle eventually won out. I had a spare Putrid Blightking kicking around and so I had used it to test a new potential colour and basing scheme;

Clealtu by complete but I think I’ve nailed down the two main colours to use – a sickly green-turquoise and a rusty brown-metal for contrast. The skin is pretty standard as far as my painting goes with the exception of using Nihilakh Oxide as both a glaze and highlight. Strange choice you may think but I think the following artwork will explain why I used it;

The armour is inspired by the bottom-left figure and the skin by Gutrot Spume to the bottom-right, if you were wondering.

Bases are also very important to me, so clearly had to push the boat out and do something that screams Age of Sigmar. Whilst I love the bases I’ve been doing for my Skaven, I started that project in the early days of the game. I haven’t then had all this glorious artwork of surreal and fantastic landscapes to admire, like the following two which are both big inspirations for the Nurgle basing I have planned;



These are both corrupted Jade Kingdoms in the the Realm of Ghyran (Life).

Fields of enormous fleshy pimples, grand lakes of bile-green goo, Gutrot Spume’s land-kraken, strange walking trees – I love it! My Nurgle faction will have bases with both ground-pimples and boils as well as alternating either garish green puddles or mud-embedded rotten planks (the latter to tie them in with my Skaven!).

I was so pleased with my test model so far I went ahead and started on the leader of this mini-faction – a converted Sorcerer Lord from the Slaves to Darkness list;

Introducing Bubox Thistlebarch, former Jade Wizard of the Collegiate Arcane turned devout follower of Nurgle. He is accompanied by two Marauders rescued from the dusty bookshelf and given new bases as mentioned before. Ten more to go….

For those wondering about the Skaven, they are still being worked on – figured that Nurgle would be a suitable way to expand my Age of Sigmar collection whilst still sticking to similar themes and basing.