Circus of Paint – 2015 in Review

As seems customary for miniature painting and gaming blogs at the moment, I’d thought I would do a quick and simple look back at what I’ve managed to complete this year. When I say this year, what I actually mean is since I started Circus of Paint back in June this year – more a 6 month review than anything!

On the gaming side of things, I started playing Malifaux this winter. I’ve only played four games thus far – two demo games and next thing you know I’m in the local Shifting Loyalties campaign with another two games under my metaphorical belt.

Miniatures-wise, I’ve completed a total of 24 various Skaven models as shown below. You may notice there are only 19 Clanrats, one of them has escaped my clutches much to my dismay! 😦


Ah well, I’ve got another 15 – 20 left to do to bolster their ratty ranks. Once the second Rat Ogor is finished, there’s lots of fun monsters to paint like the Brood Horror and Cockatrice, as characters like Tretch Craventail and the plastic Plague Priest.

As if all that plus my Malifaux Ressurectionists weren’t enough to work on well into 2016, clearly a third project just had to be started. Unsurprisingly enough, it’s another attempt at Batman Miniatures Game – this time a Two-Face gang but with newer models. As disclosure, I do own the Two-Face starter set but the big guy himself has been through the paint stripper too much and the casts of his unique Arkham City thugs were both rough and difficult to assemble.


The lumps of metal on the left is Clayface and the primed model on the right is Copperhead. I’d also be interested in a gang for the newly-released Spider-man Miniatures Game if Knight Models gets their act together and distributes it properly instead of being exclusive to their webstore. I’ll be keeping a close eye on how the Hydra and Goblin Cult factions will grow for sure! I like to think between the myriad of comic book source material for both games, they’ll be more BMG and maybe even SMG Idea Time posts in the future. 🙂

Anyway this was supposed to a short look back, so I’ll finish up.

Many thanks to all those who followed, commentated and supported Circus of Paint in its infancy. I think 2016 is going to be great for this blog!

Feral / Daniel


Idea Time: The Thugs and Henchmen of Batman: Arkham Knight [Part 1]

A week has past since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, and I’ve got 100% on the main story so now’s a good time to take a break to see how some of the new stuff from the game could be added to the miniature game.

Personally I’m always been a fan of faction-based thugs and henchmen and how they amend their fatigues and uniforms to match their particular supervillain leader. So far there has been 8 Blackgate Prisoner models and 3 Arkham Lunatics released of which with a little imagination can be converted and painted to match the look of the villain they follow, whether it be Penguin, Joker, Two-Face etc.

Lets have a look at sone of the low-level thugs and criminals whom roam the streets of Gotham and the potential for new miniature releases and how they’d fit into the respective gangs.

Rioters – the most common thugs found roaming the streets. I would imagine they would be quite similar in stats and purpose to Blackgate Prisoners. The only thing these guys all have in common other than access to basic weaponry like bats, knifes and the occasional gun is that they all wear basic body armour. Therefore I would like to think Rioters would have average stat but with a slight boost to their defense stat for their body armour. I would price them at the 20 – 25 point mark and would be avaliable to all gangs except Batman, Green Arrow and Law bands.

Penguin Thugs – Despite a more unique American look with their emphasise on red and blue, as well as lots of body tassles and some full-head gas masks, these thugs otherwise are normal Rioters, but without the armour. 

In the Arkham Knight game they are numerous but poorly equipped so I think they would fit the 10 – 20 point range.

At first thought I would naturally just lump them into the Penguin faction but I also feel that these guys are generic enough to fit into the Organised Crime list if you left off the Penguin insignia. Stat-wise I would put them in the same area as the cheaper Blackgate Prisoners

Two-Face Thugs – In a big change from the half-burnt prisoner suits and presidential full-head masks from Arkham City, Dent’s thugs this time around are well equipped with machine guns and other firepower. I also like the distinctive Halloween masks they wear over their gas masks, and the crude half-cream half-burnt crimson paint job they have. 

Miniature-wise, I see these thugs as more expensive and well-armed versions of their Arkham City brethren. Thompsons and Machine Guns would be the weapons of choices here with a hefty $200 – $300 Reputation tag to go alongside with the gas-masks conferring some defense against Poison at around the 20 – 25 point mark.

Atlhough Two-Face already has access to six Henchmen unique to him, the only other fairly-unique option he has is Brandon, to access corrupt GCPD elements (also avaliable to Black Mask and Organised Crime). Therefore I feel even just a handful of new henchmen exclusive to his gang would give players more options when it comes to gang building. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a few more models to be able to synergise with Attorney’s Allegation!

The Arkham Knight’s Personal Guard as well as the Harley Thugs pictured above I will return to another time as they currently wouldn’t be able to slot into any particular current gangs nicely at the moment.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions! Next time I’ll be covering some of the more specialised and more dangerous thugs!