Hobby Time: Nurgle enters Age of Sigmar!

Hi all, although I’ve been quiet on here for a bit I’ve instead been posting WIPs on the Age of Sigmar Facebook fan-page to gauge interest and thoughts on some early-stage Nurgle stuff.

I’ve had some converted Marauders of Chaos sat around for a while now, I did consider making them Tzeentchii but Nurgle eventually won out. I had a spare Putrid Blightking kicking around and so I had used it to test a new potential colour and basing scheme;

Clealtu by complete but I think I’ve nailed down the two main colours to use – a sickly green-turquoise and a rusty brown-metal for contrast. The skin is pretty standard as far as my painting goes with the exception of using Nihilakh Oxide as both a glaze and highlight. Strange choice you may think but I think the following artwork will explain why I used it;

The armour is inspired by the bottom-left figure and the skin by Gutrot Spume to the bottom-right, if you were wondering.

Bases are also very important to me, so clearly had to push the boat out and do something that screams Age of Sigmar. Whilst I love the bases I’ve been doing for my Skaven, I started that project in the early days of the game. I haven’t then had all this glorious artwork of surreal and fantastic landscapes to admire, like the following two which are both big inspirations for the Nurgle basing I have planned;



These are both corrupted Jade Kingdoms in the the Realm of Ghyran (Life).

Fields of enormous fleshy pimples, grand lakes of bile-green goo, Gutrot Spume’s land-kraken, strange walking trees – I love it! My Nurgle faction will have bases with both ground-pimples and boils as well as alternating either garish green puddles or mud-embedded rotten planks (the latter to tie them in with my Skaven!).

I was so pleased with my test model so far I went ahead and started on the leader of this mini-faction – a converted Sorcerer Lord from the Slaves to Darkness list;

Introducing Bubox Thistlebarch, former Jade Wizard of the Collegiate Arcane turned devout follower of Nurgle. He is accompanied by two Marauders rescued from the dusty bookshelf and given new bases as mentioned before. Ten more to go….

For those wondering about the Skaven, they are still being worked on – figured that Nurgle would be a suitable way to expand my Age of Sigmar collection whilst still sticking to similar themes and basing. 


Hobby Time: Plague Priest [complete]

Rejoice, for something has been completed!


Certainly not the most original choice of colour scheme but 1) I started painting this before I picked up the Skaven Pestilens Battletome with all its lovely ideas and 2) it matches the rest of then Skaven I’ve done.

I may come back to it later on and add a blasphemous rune or two to the cloak, but for now it’s done – I’m already working my way through more Clanrats with the brush to get back into the swing of things!

This would of been done sooner did I not spent the last few weeks worth of hobby time playing around with making bases for potentially some Tzeentchii models. Having said that with all the Battletomes and new models for Age of Sigmar coming out, it’s hard to keep focuses on what I already have to work on!

Next up on the ratty front are the aforementioned Clanrat  reinforcements, resuming work on converting Plague Monks and maybe even start painting some Stormvermin.

Leave your comments and support as usual – I appreciate everyone who does. 🙂

Unboxing: Chaos Battletome: Skaven Pestilens

I rarely purchase anything GW makes on release let alone *shock horror* preorder stuff. Long story short, I did just that for the Clan Pestilens Battletome since I am currently (and slowly) collecting a Clan Septik faction for Age of Sigmar.


As a disclaimer, this is the first Age of Sigmar publication I own a physical copy of. I did buy the original big “fluffbook” through the app which I’ve since regretted as print is far better as I’m concerned for this format of publication. If any art or fluff is repeated from previous publications, I am unaware of such.

I also will not be publishing or taking photos of any of the rules!

Anyway, contents:


So; new background, a pair of new Battleplans, seven (already existing) Warscrolls and four new Warscroll Battalions. As far as I’m aware, most of the art and fluff is new (some of the colour schemes are taken from the old Skaven Uniforms and Heraldries book).

The book covers the main three original Clans Pestilens (Morbidus, Feesik and Septik) as well as mentions of lesser and splinter clans. For some reason, each of the Clans superstitiously follow a rule of three with their number – so if one Congregation is banished for heresy, political reason or whatever then another two must be as well even if they were “innocent” of any real crime in Skaven society. Quite funny if you ask me!


Speaking of Clan Septik (the one I collect), they have gained a new symbol (yay!) but changed colour to purple?! All is not lost for my green and beige-clad rats however as the book directly mentions the large number of Clans that have split off from Septik and taken their own colours. Such relief!

They do look pretty neat in purple though *temptation growing*

Still looking at alternative colour schemes, yellow looks pretty good too! They have runes painted on their cowl, which is a neat touch in going to use in the future.

I can’t say I’ve read enough of the book to give a good opinion on the background, so I’ll skip to over viewing the Warscroll Battalions new to this book.

There are four in total which together make up the above organisational chart of the various Clan Pestilens factions.

The first one is the Congregation of Filth, consisting of two or more units of Plague Monks as well as a Plague Furnace. This formation improves the charge range of the Monks (20+ size units) and allows the chance to ignore Wounds as well. Both abilities require the Monks being near the Furnace if hadn’t guessed already!

The second one is the Foulrain Congregation consisting of a Plague Priest directing three Plagueclaws (catapults). This formation allows the artillery to increase chances to wound and grants to hit re-rolls when concentrating fire on one target. The Priest is used as the lynchpin for one of these abilities but not both.

The third is the Plaguesmog Congregation, pairing 2+ units of Plague Censer Bearers with again a Plague Furnace. Harder to hit with shooting and upgrades the Censer Bearer’s Poisonous Fumes abilities with a new and better version.

The final Warscroll Battalion is the big one – the Virulent Procession. This consists of 2+ Congregations of Filth as well as one mighty Verminlord Corruptor. The lowly Monks can choose to take mortal wounds to heal the Verminlord as well as enemies in or near terrain taking damage one per turn.

The only real criticism of this release is that the Plague Monks kit is still horribly outdated by modern Skaven standards! The only formation I would be interested in collecting is the Foulrain one as it doesn’t use Monks at all! True, I am converting my own but the process of making a measly minimum unit size of 5 is long and a lot of work, let alone the 40+ I would need to individually convert to ideally make use of the basic Congregation of Filth.

All in all though, the book looks great and its helped me to get cracking on with some more diseased rats in the meantime!

Hobby Time: Rikkit Hooktail, Skaven Warlord

I chose to paint this model up – a metal version of the classic Tretch Craventail – as a quick way to fulfil my monthly pledge for Warseer’s Tale of AoS. Those pesky Rat Ogors took too long to do!


I painted this sneaky guy as a test piece for Clan Skurvy – hence the saturated yellow loincloth and copper \ bronze armour. In the latter case though I experimented with verdigris effects to exaggerate the weathered metals (not the easiest thing to do with just brown paints and a few glazes!).

I was quite pleased with this model until I gingerly went to varnish it outside in spite of the usually awful British weather – and the top-heavy nature of this piece made it fall onto some brick steps and break into several pieces…

Ah well, model and paint job have been fixed although a hairline crack is still visible in the pictures.

– – –

On other progress, I have assembled a core of 15 Stormvermin and also have a handful of Clanrats ready for paint – those Clanrats and a few of their armoured brethren will make up my painting load for February.

To conclude, both metal models and the British weather suck, but another model is complete and now I have a new colour scheme to use on Clanrats to add variety to the usual sickly greens of Clan Septik.

Circus of Paint – 2015 in Review

As seems customary for miniature painting and gaming blogs at the moment, I’d thought I would do a quick and simple look back at what I’ve managed to complete this year. When I say this year, what I actually mean is since I started Circus of Paint back in June this year – more a 6 month review than anything!

On the gaming side of things, I started playing Malifaux this winter. I’ve only played four games thus far – two demo games and next thing you know I’m in the local Shifting Loyalties campaign with another two games under my metaphorical belt.

Miniatures-wise, I’ve completed a total of 24 various Skaven models as shown below. You may notice there are only 19 Clanrats, one of them has escaped my clutches much to my dismay! 😦


Ah well, I’ve got another 15 – 20 left to do to bolster their ratty ranks. Once the second Rat Ogor is finished, there’s lots of fun monsters to paint like the Brood Horror and Cockatrice, as characters like Tretch Craventail and the plastic Plague Priest.

As if all that plus my Malifaux Ressurectionists weren’t enough to work on well into 2016, clearly a third project just had to be started. Unsurprisingly enough, it’s another attempt at Batman Miniatures Game – this time a Two-Face gang but with newer models. As disclosure, I do own the Two-Face starter set but the big guy himself has been through the paint stripper too much and the casts of his unique Arkham City thugs were both rough and difficult to assemble.


The lumps of metal on the left is Clayface and the primed model on the right is Copperhead. I’d also be interested in a gang for the newly-released Spider-man Miniatures Game if Knight Models gets their act together and distributes it properly instead of being exclusive to their webstore. I’ll be keeping a close eye on how the Hydra and Goblin Cult factions will grow for sure! I like to think between the myriad of comic book source material for both games, they’ll be more BMG and maybe even SMG Idea Time posts in the future. 🙂

Anyway this was supposed to a short look back, so I’ll finish up.

Many thanks to all those who followed, commentated and supported Circus of Paint in its infancy. I think 2016 is going to be great for this blog!

Feral / Daniel