Hobby Time: Rikkit Hooktail, Skaven Warlord

I chose to paint this model up – a metal version of the classic Tretch Craventail – as a quick way to fulfil my monthly pledge for Warseer’s Tale of AoS. Those pesky Rat Ogors took too long to do!


I painted this sneaky guy as a test piece for Clan Skurvy – hence the saturated yellow loincloth and copper \ bronze armour. In the latter case though I experimented with verdigris effects to exaggerate the weathered metals (not the easiest thing to do with just brown paints and a few glazes!).

I was quite pleased with this model until I gingerly went to varnish it outside in spite of the usually awful British weather – and the top-heavy nature of this piece made it fall onto some brick steps and break into several pieces…

Ah well, model and paint job have been fixed although a hairline crack is still visible in the pictures.

– – –

On other progress, I have assembled a core of 15 Stormvermin and also have a handful of Clanrats ready for paint – those Clanrats and a few of their armoured brethren will make up my painting load for February.

To conclude, both metal models and the British weather suck, but another model is complete and now I have a new colour scheme to use on Clanrats to add variety to the usual sickly greens of Clan Septik.


Hobby Time: Skaven Warlord [complete]

Well it’s finally done (two days over the deadline)!


I really struggled to get a half-decent picture of this, and the best one was when it was just on the shelf *facepalm*.

Skaven progress for November will be comitted to finishing sculpting work on various Clanrats and Plague Monks, whilst this months painting time will all for Malifaux.

Hobby Time: Skaven Warlord, Rat Ogor [WIP Part 2]

As a continuation of this previous post back in late August, my contribution for Warseer’s Tale of Age of Sigmar for month 2 will be the plastic Warlord hero as well as a single Rat Ogor.

Work has continued on both, first the Warlord has hit the painting phase:

The beady-eyed among you might of noticed the couple areas I’ve added a few sculpted buboes. This is a character from Clan Septik after all!

Speaking of which, I’m struggling to come up with a suitable name for him myself, suggestions anyone?

Moving onto the Rat Ogor, and as suggested on Warseer I added a Warpfire Gun grafted onto its limb for that extra firepower. 

I struggled for a while to work out how I would make such a firearm, but in the end I went for using; 

– an old paintbrush plastic protector tube

– part of some flame effect from the Burning Chariot of Tzeentch kit 

– of course more sculpting work! 

It stills needs some rivets for detailing and a couple more ragged bandages but otherwise it’s nearly done.


Naturally the model needed a whole rash of buboes and gross growths, so I’ve been adding them to its back because I thought it looked a bit bare otherwise. Aside from a few more scattered around his body for variety and some muscles getting done redefinition, this Rat Ogor is not far from the priming stage for painting later on this month!

Hobby Time: Skaven Basing Fun

In between bouts of painting, the rest of my time at the hobby desk is dedicated to cleaning up, assembling and making bases for models. That last one in particular is one thing of my favourite parts of the hobby ever since I started using Milliput for the majority of the work.

I actually signed up for the first Warseer Tale of Age of Sigmar. That means I’ve set myself the goal of painting at least 1 Warscroll worth of models a month for 12 months (starting next month, September).

I though I would give people a peek at what’s coming down the pipeline, although I haven’t decided what order I’ll paint these following models in. The one thing I know will be next on the painting desk is the other 10 Clanrats – following on from the same ones in this previous post.

Poisoned Wind Mortar



Skaven Warlord


Rat Ogor


See you next time with a finished Warpfire Thrower!