Hobby Time: Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar [complete], Plague Monks [Early Sneak Peek!]

Next model is done;   

Not my best work and some elements of the model like the gas-masks and the Mortar itself are a bit bland, but it’s done!

Next up on the painting front will be more for the Clanrat unit.

However as a early peek at something in the future, I’m collaborating with my good friend Simon who is making me some excellent Plague Monk conversions based off current-era Clanrats [CLICK FOR PICS].

Not to be outdone, I decided to do some of my own as well to bulk out the models that Simon will send me. Here’s a very early WIP of the first few:

My plans are to add lots of little spike growths, odd fur tufts, ragged cloth and well as paired Foetid Blades for each model. This little sculpting project will be pushing the boundaries of what I’ve been able to do in the past.

Modelling-wise, I did have to cut the left hand off each model, clean up both the body and inside of the hand and reattach it back at an angle. The left-hand blades are cut-down from spare Clanrat spears, and the spines are tiny shaved-down plasticrod bits embedded into the milliput back growths.

That’s all for now, until next time.


Hobby Time: Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar [WIP Part 1]

I figured I could bash out the Poisoned Wind Mortar team in the last week of this month – by the start of September I will be moving back to working on Clanrats.

Not done yet but progress is going strong (thanks to encouragement of friends and the purchase of a top-quality WÂŁN brush):


The great thing about taking photos of your models as you paint them is that you can more easily spot the sloppier areas that need re-adjusting, I can already see a couple looking back at this point.
The ranks of Clan Septik are fast growing with more reinforcements through the post – the plastic Plague Priest (from the Plague Furnace / Screaming Bell kit) thanks to my good friend Simon of The Rising Sign. I also may of treated myself to a Skaven Brood Horror too, thanks to my first payday from my new job. 🙂

Speaking of friends and Clan Pestilens, watch out for something cool in the near future. 😉

Hobby Time: Skaven Warpfire Thrower [complete]

It’s done! I have to say after about halfway through I was starting to get a bit annoyed with this model because of how some bits were really difficult to get a paintbrush to. Oh well, it’s done and also unlikely that I’ll want another because I’m not a fan of the classic metal version.   


I included a quick shot alongside some Clanrats to show how they look together.

Next up to paint – more Clanrats!

Hobby Time: Skaven Basing Fun

In between bouts of painting, the rest of my time at the hobby desk is dedicated to cleaning up, assembling and making bases for models. That last one in particular is one thing of my favourite parts of the hobby ever since I started using Milliput for the majority of the work.

I actually signed up for the first Warseer Tale of Age of Sigmar. That means I’ve set myself the goal of painting at least 1 Warscroll worth of models a month for 12 months (starting next month, September).

I though I would give people a peek at what’s coming down the pipeline, although I haven’t decided what order I’ll paint these following models in. The one thing I know will be next on the painting desk is the other 10 Clanrats – following on from the same ones in this previous post.

Poisoned Wind Mortar



Skaven Warlord


Rat Ogor


See you next time with a finished Warpfire Thrower!

Hobby Time: Skaven Warpfire Thrower Team [WIP Part 2]

Powering on from the Clanrats and to have a quick break from them, I’ve moved my paintbrushes onto the Warpfire Thrower:  

Great model, but quite finicky to paint as the weapons hose covers a large part of the front of the gunner – hence why he is painted with more shadows than usual.  On the plus side, the back was a lot easier to access and highlight properly, even if I had to make sure both front and back blended well together on the sides.

Ah well, aside from the skin (to do next) the harder parts are over. I’ve still got to hash out a vibrant warpstone green-yellow colour for finishing touches.

Hobby Time: Skaven Warpfire Thrower Team [WIP Part 1]

Whilst the putrid smell of primer is still in the air, I thought I would post the Warpfire Thrower team I assembled and based up: 

  Initially I reckoned that the new 60 x 35mm oval base would be too large for the team, but actually found that there was just enough room to add basing details like planks, Skaven footprints and even the little burning rat that comes with the original model.

This bad boy will be next to be painted after I’ve finished Clanrats #6 – 10. I better start figuring out a good warpstone recipe!